Stroke Risk Factors

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Top controllable risk factors include: diet & nutrition, physical activity, Tobacco & smoking use, and alcohol consumption.

Knowing your risk factors is important so that you can lower them.

The US National Library of Medicine lists several lifestyle changes that can be made to lower your risk of stroke. Smoking is listed as a risk factor for stroke and is simply stated that if you smoke, you need to find support and help to stop smoking. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention smoking is a leading cause of stroke because it thickens and narrows blood vessels, damages the cells that line the blood vessels, raises triglycerides and causes clots to form. Second hand smoke also damages blood vessels and can lead to stroke as well. Limiting your exposure to second hand smoke is very important!

One study reported by WebMD appeared to show that regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet and healthy body weight (and not smoking) can reduce your risk of stroke by 80 percent. The study concluded that those who exercised the most were 20 percent less likely to have a stroke, versus those who exercised the least. Exercise in particular seems to lower the risk for stroke by helping to lower blood pressure, lower body weight and improve the health of the blood vessels.

Quit Smoking for life!

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