Using RRH Services Preventatively

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As an administrator, I can safely speak for our team here at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital, and tell you that losing a community member due to a heart attack or cardiac arrest in our emergency room or in route to our emergency room, is a painful experience for all of us. We do not want it to happen. But happen it does, and far too often. One solution is to educate the community about coronary artery disease, and to establish a local cardiovascular wellness and coronary artery disease prevention program that is made easily available to people in our community Dr. Earl Ferguson’s new Coronary Artery Risk Evaluation (CARE) program is a good first place to start right here at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital. We have also partnered with Bakersfield Heart Hospital and Central Cardiology Medical Clinic to provide a continuum of life-saving and early detection services. When people come into the emergency room, we’d like them to leave with improved health and hope. Many don’t know something’s wrong until they’re lucky enough to get a “wake-up” call. People with advanced coronary artery disease aren’t so lucky.

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